About Us


Unisafe Pharmaceuticals began its operations in 2015, and has become a rapidly growing wholesale pharmaceutical drop shipping company in India today. We specialize in manufacturing, supply, and export of a range of generic medicines. Among the generic medicines we manufacture are Tramadol, Retin-A, Carisoprodol, Provigil, Generic Viagra, Generic Dapoxetine, Latisse, Kamagra, Cialis, and Levitra.


At a time when pharmaceutical companies had cropped up in several corners with a promise of authentic generic medicines at lower prices, there was a huge time gap between their manufacture and supply. We stepped in at the right time to narrow this gap with our Express shipping, which soon became one of our major strengths. We provide bulk generic medicines to our customers packed in sturdy and durable packages, protecting them from any kind of damage till their delivery to our clients.


All these medicines and drugs have the approval of FDA, and are manufactured in our advanced manufacturing units under the supervision of qualified pharma professionals. They go through some of the most stringent Quality Control processes to make sure that the medicines are highly effective in treating the medical conditions they are intended for.

Regular upgrades are done to the machines to keep up with changing trends and production requirements. Our generic medicine drop shipping services ensure the retention of quality in all the manufactured medicines and drugs, when they reach the end customers. Our products are also offered at the most affordable prices, which benefits our customers immensely in terms of cost-effectiveness and profitability.

We do not compromise on our commitment to serve our customers in the best possible way. It is owing to the high standards in quality of products and service that we have managed to serve customers based in different geographic locations. Our customer-friendly practices have placed us among the most preferred pharma dropshiper company today. We ensure timely delivery of our bulk generic medicines through Express air cargo, sea cargo shipping as this helps us in safeguarding the trust of our customers.