Tretinoin Retin A Cream


Brand Description Retin-A brands are used in treating acne
Category Skin Care
Generic Brand Names Retin-A Cream
Dosage/Administration Please refer pack insert for further details
Presentation 0.01%, 0.05%

Description and Dosage: Retin-A is available under the brand names Avita, Altinac, Renova, Atralin, Retin-A, Refissa, Tretinoin Microsphere, Tretinoin Emollient and Tretin-X. It is a form of Vitamin A that promotes skin renewal. The Avita and Retin-A brands are used in treating acne. The brand Renova is used to make rough facial skin feel smoother, and to decrease mottled skin discoloration and fine wrinkles.

This medicine needs to be used exactly as prescribed by the doctor. It must not be used on dry, sunburned, chapped, windburned, or irritated skin or open wounds. The skin must be washed with a mild soap and dried completely, about 20 to 30 minutes before applying the medicine. Hands must be washed and completely dried before and after applying Retin-A. The treated area should not be washed for at least an hour after the application.

Exposure to sunlight or artificial ultraviolet rays emanating from sunlamps or tanning beds must be avoided when using this medicine. If it becomes unavoidable to go out into the sun, it is necessary to use reliable sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

Visible improvement in the skin may take several weeks to get noticed. The prescribed duration for the medicine to be used must be completed, even if the patient gets the impression that it is not working.

Common Side Effects:More common side effects of Retin-A include a change in color of treated skin and mild warmth or stinging sensation where the medicine has been applied. They may disappear when the body gets used to the medicine.

Emergency medical attention may be required in case of more severe side effects, such as, extreme irritation, burning or stinging of treated skin; severe blistering, redness, peeling, swelling or crusting.

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