Carisoprodol(soma Pills) 350mg and 500mg


Brand Description Carisoprodol or Generic Soma pills is a muscle relaxant use for the treatment strains, spasms and other muscle injuries.
Category Pain Relief
Generic Brand Names Carisoma Tablets
Dosage/Administration Please refer pack insert for further details
Presentation 250mg/350mg

Description and Dosage:Carisoprodol blocks the pain sensations between the brain and nerves, thereby relaxing the muscle. With the help of ample rest and physiotherapy, this medicine treats injuries and painful musculoskeletal disorders. Soma and Vanadom are the two brand names under which Carisoprodol has been made available.

This is a habit-forming medicine and must be given only to the individual for whom it has been prescribed by the doctor. As the musculoskeletal conditions are of shorter duration in general, this medicine must only be used for up to two or three weeks. Usual dosage for adults with muscle spasm is 250mg to 350mg orally at bedtime, three times a day

In patients who are younger than 16 years or over 65 years of age, efficacy and safety of this medicine has not been established.

Common Side Effects: Drowsiness is the most common side effect of Carisoprodol. Some of the side effects occurring due to usage of this medicine may not require medical attention, and tend to disappear as soon as the body adjusts itself to the medicine during treatment. However, if the side effects persist, it is essential to consult the physician.

If any of these side effects occur, emergency medical help must be sought immediately - enlarged pupils, blurred vision, change in consciousness, hallucinations, difficulty in breathing, headache, holding false beliefs, difficulty in moving the eyes, hypersensitivity of the eyes to light, increased blinking, muscle stiffness, unusual excitement, uncontrolled twisting movements of arms, legs, trunk or neck; weak arms and legs, sticking out of the tongue, pale or blue skin, fingernails or lips.

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