Plasma Proteins


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AlbuRel Albumin  
ImmunoRel Immunoglobulin  
ReliSeal Fibrin Sealants  
HemoRel A Anti - Hemophilic Factor  
Pedialb™ Human Normal Albumin, 5% Solution 5%


Plasma proteins are basically the proteins that are found in the blood plasma. The clear and abundant with protein rich fluid that is left behind when the platelets, red blood cells are removed from the blood. These proteins play a key role in the human body. It helps in regulating body’s osmotic pressure which keeps the body’s system working properly. They also help in transporting various compounds required by the body and also playing an important role in the immune system function and blood clotting. Any kind of imbalance of plasma proteins in the human body may lead to experience symptoms ranging from abnormally dilated blood vessels to a weakened immune system.
Unisafepharma knows the vitality of the plasma proteins in the body and manufactures some of the best quality plasma protein injections which help in tackling the deficiency or the imbalance of plasma proteins in the body. Alburel, Immunorel, Reliseal and Predialb are some of the plasma protein injections that help in dealing with plasma protein deficiency. Alburel is used for treating low blood pressure. It is used to add back fluid after fluid loss. It is used to treat shock. It is used to replace protein in blood while Reliseal is used to reduce bleeding during complex surgery, such as heart and liver surgery. You can buy these injections at a very cheap rate at