Are you a manufacturer or a wholesaler?

Unisafe Pharmaceuticals manufactures and supplies a range of generic medicines to the wholesalers based in different geographical locations.

Are your medicines FDA approved?

All the medicines manufactured and supplied by Unisafe Pharmaceuticals are approved by the FDA.

What are the medicines that you manufacture and supply?

Some of the generic medicines that we manufacture and supply are Carisoprodol, Latisse, Tramadol, Levitra, Retin-A, Generic Viagra, Provigil, Cialis, Kamagra, and Generic Dapoxetine.

Since how long have you been in operation?

Unisafe Pharmaceuticals started its operations in the year 2015, and is now a rapidly growing wholesale pharmaceutical company in India.

Are your medicines reliable?

Of course, they are. All the medicines supplied by us are manufactured in modernized manufacturing units and go through strict Quality Control procedures. They are packed in sturdy and durable packages before they are shipped to the wholesalers. Our medicines are highly effective in treating the ailments or medical conditions they are intended for. Besides, as mentioned earlier, all these medicines are FDA approved.

Can I expect timely delivery from you?

Yes, without any doubt. We came into being primarily to narrow the time gap between manufacture and supply. Our Express dropshipping service ensures timely delivery of the ordered medicines. A delay may be caused only in case of certain unforeseen circumstances, such as, a natural calamity.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an arrangement wherein a manufacturer sends the products for which orders have been placed directly to the buyers, as requested by businesses that promote and sell the products but do not stock them.

Do you provide a strong customer support?

Yes, we do. We have a highly efficient staff that provides all the required support to our customers from the time of placing the order till the delivery of shipments. They attend to all the queries of our customers, and come up with the best solutions for their issues and concerns without any delays.