Anti Diabetic Medicines


Select Brand Name Generic Name Dosage Quantity
Generic Glucophage Metformin HCL 500 mg
Generic Glucophage Metformin HCL 850 mg
Generic Glucophage Metformin HCL 1000 mg
Generic Amaryl Glimepiride 2 mg
Generic Amaryl Glimepiride 4 mg
Generic Januvia Sitagliptin Phosphate Tablet 25 mg
Generic Januvia Sitagliptin Phosphate Tablet 50 mg
Generic Januvia Sitagliptin Phosphate Tablet 100 mg


Unisafepharma is the most reliable website for buying medication related to anti-diabetes. This disease has spread its wing all across the world and millions of people are affected by this dreaded disease. We not only sell but also manufacture the best quality drugs for the diabetic patients. Diabetes is distinguished in two types. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It mainly happens when the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin hormone which is meant to control the blood sugar level in the person.

Diabetes can also create number of other health complication for the people like cardiovascular disease, eye related issues and organ failure as well.

In order to keep in check the problem of diabetes, the medication of Generic Glucophage, Amaryl and Januvia is very effective. These are the best medication available for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and you can buy them online at at a very cheap rate as well. The high quality drugs are an excellent choice for the treatment of diabetes. They are very safe to use as well since they are approved by FDA as well. Plus you can get the drugs at your doorstep in a very short span of time with the help of our prompt delivery system.